Friday, January 22, 2016

"The" Work-22 Jan 2016

1. Maths Notes - finish Lesson 3 of Unit 1                  Due date: Next Monday
2. Maths Assignment WS- finish assignment 1.2        Due date: Next Monday
3. Alternative Assessment Viva Voce Practice            Due date: Today
5. HCL:
    课文二 《友情的考验》 续写故事                        Due date: Sunday    
    Pg 2 of四大限制                                                       Due date: Next week
    作业本  pg 1-5                                                          Due date: Next week
6.CL: Comprehension                                                   Due date: Next week
7. History Summary                                                      Due date: Next History lesson (Tuesday- 26/01/16)
8. ADMT- Colour WS                                                   Due date: Next one-period ADMT lesson (Wednesday- 27/01/16)
                                                                                       Due date: Next two-period ADMT lesson (Thursday- 28/01/16)
10. I&E- uses of a rubber band                                     Due date: Next Wednesday
11. Eng composition with the mistakes                        Due date: Next Monday
12. Edit ADMT Design Journal                                    Due date: Next one-period ADMT lesson
13. Read History TB Chapter 2                                    Due date: Next History lesson

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