Thursday, March 10, 2016

"THE" Work 10/3/16

1. ADMT: Finish up Packaging design (due tmr)
2. ADMT: Do finish final design if returned back (due next term)
3. ADMT: Explore Sketchup (due next term)
4. ADMT: What makes Melbourne a liveable city? (due next term)
5. S&W: Fill in sports day form (due Friday)
6. Chinese: Do advertisement for AA (due T2W2)
7. Chinese: Do filing if not done (due tmr)
8. Higher Chinese: Filing
9. Science: Do "Are Viruses Alive" on Google Classroom (due next term)
10. Science: Do flipped lesson (due tmr)
11. English: Do finish filing (due tmr)
12. Math: Do SDL on ratio, rate and speed (due next term)
13. Math pullout: Assignment 4.7 (due next term)

Have Fun With the holidays!


  1. Comment of there is anything missing.

    There is also:

    English: Finish up Animal Farm
    English: Do the Compre WS
    History: Do the brochure

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  3. English file hand in tomorrow as well


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