Friday, March 4, 2016

'THE' Work -Friday 4/3/16

  1. Higher Chinese- 活动本 pg6-13   by mon
    作文  by wed
  2. Normal Chinese- Chinese Ws     by mon
  3. ADMT- Packaging design    by next friday
  4. English- Do symbolism Worksheet (Slides on blendspace) 
  5. S&W-IBook    by 18March (next next week)
  6. IRS- MacDonald Qns    by next mon
  7. CCE- My life story by next mon
  8. Math(pull out)-WS 4.5 by mon


  1. Plz note that for HCL the number of pages has decreased. Do only pg 6-13.

  2. Wait,18th of march????Isn't that like holiday?I think it is next Fri(11 march)


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