Friday, July 1, 2016

Posting Format (PLEASE FOLLOW)

Ok guys,

Since we need some "cleaning up" of our blog, this format should be followed for the upcoming blog posts to come.

Example: "The" Work (1/07/2016)    
 [Do follow this for all homework reminder posts]

Font: Arial
Text size: Normal
Font colour: Black

No bolding, italicising, underlining of any sort unless it is a keyword in your post.

Example: Transportation Science HW Worksheet m3m3 
                 Due: Tuesday (5/07/2016)
[Please put a bracket for dates]

Please do not squeeze everything in one line.
Example: ADMT Enduring Understanding Due Tuesday (5/07/2016)

Please follow this:
[ADMT] Enduring Understanding WS 3
Due: Tuesday (5/07/2016)

[Subject] Name of assignment
Due: Due Day (Due Date)

Hope our class blog can be more presentable if we follow this format...

Troy Han.


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