Thursday, July 14, 2016

"The" work

1)HCL: -考察:一篮黄菊 copy 30x and 1x sentence (for each mistake)(tmr)
              -Copy 课本预习 (for those who didn't do)(Tmr)

2)I&E:   -Force Fitting(tmr)
              -Underlying causes draft one(21 July)

3)English: - do two of the summary texts if not tmr you will have to do 5(Tmr)

4)Admt: - do finish the worksheet(for those who haven't finish)(Next tue)

5)Math: -do 9.2(next mon)


  1. The HCL homework is due by next monday, not tomorrow, thank you!

  2. There is also Science homework due next Mon.


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