Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Work 11 Aug 2K16

1. [English Language] Literature Review
Due: Tmr (12 Aug) 2359

2.[ADMT] Digital poster and design journal
Due: Tmr (12 Aug) 2359

3.[Math] Assignment 10.2
Due: Tmr (12 Aug)  Hand into Des(myself)

4.[Math] SDL Topic
Due: Mon (15 Aug)  Hand into Des(myself)

5.[CL] 简报
Due: Tmr (12 Aug)

6.[HCL] 逗号 pg 2,4 
Due: Tmr (12 Aug)

7.[HCL] 作文誊清 


8.[HCL] 活动本 the whole book

Due: Do as much as u can (IDK when teacher collect)

9.[Sci] Turning effects of forces
Due: Tmr (12 Aug) 

Level test is coming! Good Luck Guys!
If I missed out anything, pls comment thx.
Have a nice day. XD

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