Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"The" Work (20/9/2016)

1. [Higher Chinese] 活动本1B do till 单元7

Due: This week

2.[Higher Chinese] 课本 pg 83
Due: Tomorrow (21/09/2016)

3.[Math] Finish up the examples in the notes - pg 3
Due: Tomorrow (21/09/2016)

4. [Normal Chinese] 课本 do pg 24,25,26,27
Due: Thursday (22/09/2016)

5.[Normal Chinese] 活动本 do till 生河A像B
Due: Friday (23/09/2016)

6.[Normal Chinese] 活动本-理解
Due: Next Week

Please revise for the EOYs as it is coming soon!
Please leave a comment below if I have missed out anything, Thanks!

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